How we came about

Our current consultant Mr. Chong started his journey in Forex after reading about a trading seminar from a newspaper advertisement.

After graduating from the seminar, he opened a live account and practiced trading using live account.

He made some profits but also lost a fair bit due to struggling with balancing emotions of fear and greed.

He questioned about automating Forex trading so that he does not have to trade and monitor too actively manually.

Initially, he was told that EAs have not been profitable in the market. He thought he was lucky and joined a managed account group that was giving about 5-8%/mth growing reliant on it.

However in only a years time this group collapsed with insolvency and he can no longer rely on EAs from this managed account group anymore.

He then met a MQL4 coding mentor that started him off with EA coding.

He also learnt from MQL4 book reference, Youtube and Udemy videos.

Using some base codes, he was able to modify and come up with EAs with more advanced features and optimise parameters.

He later also started a managed account service called IDEALROI which was rebranded to Forex Autotrading Service.

He finally pivoted these setups to form EA Expert Advisor Community to allow traders to own copies of these profitable EAs each and also share their performance results with each other, supporting each others EA financial freedom journey.

Next Steps...

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